Ike Players Present: Guys and Dolls!

Karlee Van De Venter

Five Star Journal


Over the past several years, the Ike Players have been going above and beyond. Ever since the 2013 production of Annie Get Your Gun, each musical has exceeded expectations. With the combined talents of Petey, Clark, and Moore leading the cast, crew, and pit, many students over the years have gone on to continue with theatre and their varied passions. Every year, the pressure to have a performance that surpasses the last is even higher. So with such a large chunk of the department graduating last year, will Guys and Dolls be able to follow in the footsteps of the past productions? With one more week of performances, it looks quite promising.

Throughout the musical, the combined vocals of Nicely-Nicely Johnson (played by Alberto Lechuga) and Benny Southstreet (Dawson Kirschner) elevate each other with gorgeous harmonies. Occasionally accompanied by Harry the Horse (Spencer Hert), the musical talent is thriving. The three upperclassmen have such unique voices that are so different from each other balance out extremely well in each number. These numbers include Fugue for Tinhorns and Guys and Dolls.

The oxymoronic tones of the Mission Band (Madison Kopp, Jarom Layton, Sandra Land, Isabella Parker, and Gabii Reyes) following the Gangsters (Ivan Baumbach, Anthony Dagenais, Quinn Hatton, Josef Jenson, Isaiah Lopez, Cristian Rodriguez, and Andrew Turnball) is led by senior Kaya Luppino, who plays Sarah Brown. Even when accompanied with six other vocalists, her prominent soprano voice is exceedingly impressive. Sarah has to sing numbers that go from hymns to romantic duets, and pulls off each one (like Follow the Fold and If I Were A Bell). Although her voice will sometimes outshine her duet partner, the talent is insanely recognizable. Sky Masterson (Tanner Adkison) has a vastly different voice, but they still harmonize in each duet. They sing together in the numbers I’ll Know and I’ve Never Been In Love Before.      Nathan Detroit (DJ Van De Venter) is often the subject of the Gangsters numbers, and brings his vocals to the spotlight. Him and the other gangsters consistently surprise the audience with impressive choreography (by Morgan Van Vleck) and astounding harmonies. Their numbers include The Oldest Established, The Crapshooters’ Ballet, Luck Be a Lady, and Sit Down, You’re Rocking the Boat. These numbers are a fan favorite of the musical and something to look forward to at each performance.

Adelaide (Sierra Hutton) and the Hot Box Dancers (Hailey Adkison, Hannah Boucher, Jordyn Hunt, Jennifer Lundh, Moira McGregor, Abby Palomarez, and Melody Reed) are another fan favorite, but possibly for another reason. They’re performers at the local strip club, and even have a small (but noticeable) stripping scene at the beginning of Act Two. The choreography in their two numbers, A Bushel and a Peck and Take Back Your Mink, is quite intricate and usually includes a formation that centers Adelaide.

One continually humorous element of the musical is the engagement of Nathan Detroit and Miss Adelaide. They’ve been engaged for 14 years, which is causing Adelaide to literally become sick, but Nathan keeps putting it off, claiming “we ain’t ready.” Adelaide sings about the cold this causes in the astounding performances of Adelaide’s Lament and the Reprise. The vocals reach notes so high they ring through the theatre, and notes coming deep from the throat, thanks to Hutton’s impressive vocal scale. The subject comes up again in her duet with Nathan, Sue Me.

The scene in Havana is one where the audiences eyes stay peeled, for fear of missing the action. While Sarah Brown gets more and more drunk, the Cuban Dancers (Skyler Henriquez, Spencer Hert, Isaiah Lopez, Moira McGregor, Jiscel Ramos, Cristian Rodriguez, Andrew Turnball, and Brenda Villa) go from dancing in a pristine salsa to an enticing fight scene, including everything from pushing to hair pulling to repeated punches. This scene shows theatrical maturity in the cast, as they convince the audience in each performance with cat fights and nose punches.

The role of Arvide Abernathy (Jon Hardy) is a very special piece of this production, as it’s played by an Eisenhower alumni member, who was in Ike’s performance of Guys and Dolls when he was a high school student. With the heartfelt performance of More I Cannot Wish You, and the charming charisma consistently portrayed, everyone notices the smart decision of adding in some alumni.

At the turning point of the musical, Sarah Brown and Miss Adelaide bring their vocal talents together in the number Marry the Man Today, which shows off the extreme talent in both of the actresses voices.

The antagonist, Lieutenant Brannigan (Aidan Yolo) gets his comeuppance repeatedly throughout the show and is a large source of humor. While he spends the entire performance trying to catch Nathan and his Gangsters in their floating crap game, his luck never turns, because when he finally catches them all together, they’re sitting reverently in the middle of a prayer meeting.

Another antagonist, Big Jule (Ryan Kerslake), has a monotonous attitude through the entire musical, with blunt statements and obvious cheating. Smoking a cigar and carrying a gun through every scene, he’s easily intimidating and part of Nathan’s reasoning behind his mad dash for a location.

With surprise news from General Cartwright (Avi Anderson), the Save A Soul Mission relies on Sky Masterson to stay afloat. The General takes news that should be devastating as wonderful, and keeps her strict persona through it all. Being heavily religious, she encourages the crapshooters to give testimony and see how good can come from bad.

Each character looks marvelous in every costume, thanks to designer Theresa McLean and assistant Nataleigh Cash. All of the men in dashing suits, ties, and hats, accompanied by ladies in dresses (or less). Not to mention the exceptional hair and makeup designed by Alyssa Skiles and assistant Aliyah Shines. Looking like they all came straight from the 50s, we only have those four to thank.

The exceptional performances of our relentlessly talented pit is conducted by pianist Darin Kaschmitter, with over 20 members. Adapting to cast projection, remembering cues, and playing an impressive medley a few times throughout each performance, the cast remembers to give them a turn in the spotlight (figuratively anyway) at the end of each showing.

The next shows are on March 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, at 7:00 with a 2:00 matinee on Saturday. Tickets are $5 for students and seniors, $10 for adults. In addition, the One Acts will be in May, and the Players encourage you to audition and/or prepare for those performances as well.

All in all, the Ike Players blew the audience away in each showing of Guys and Dolls in its first week, and will presumably only get better. With humor, romance, strippers, and gambling, what more would a high school student want to see in a musical? While our talented athletes spend much time in the limelight, the cast has been working hard to impress everyone (I’m looking at you, 5th Ave Awards) and is ready for their turn. Spotlight please!




Back from the Dead: Five Star Journal is a “Paper” Again

Diego Lopez

Five Star Journal

Some of you seniors may remember the school paper from three years ago, back when we were wee little lads and lasses who thought we were the business because we just got to high school (why were we like this). It would be delivered to your class whenever it was printed, and it would get read. I remember people always coming up to me in the halls and saying “Hey you’re that kid who wrote that article right?” I’d respond with something like “I think so?” They’d laugh and clarify which article they were talking about. “Oh yeah yeah that one, that was me.” “Great job man!” “Thanks it means a lot!” then they’d walk off and I’d never talk to that person again. Moments like these made me realize that our work was being looked at and appreciated. People were interested in whether the Ps4 was better than the Xbox-One or whether the “new” North Town move was successful or not. When we stopped printing, the popularity of the paper simmered from the thing everyone was talking about, to something nobody  knew about. Nobody messed up; nobody did anything wrong, we just got our funding taken away. We were victims of circumstance. Three years and some hard work later, lads and lassies, we’re back.

This paper was a long time in the making. Ever since we were told we couldn’t print anymore, we started figuring out how to publish, running numerous fundraisers to start rebuilding our capital. We knew we would publish again; it was simply a matter of how we’d make money, and when we’d make it. When Mr. DeWitt first told me we were going to print next semester (back during first semester), I was ecstatic and started reminiscing about the memories of reading my articles in the paper while waiting for people to come up to me and telling me they enjoyed reading my article. So after I was done thinking about the “Good Ol’ days” we got straight to work. Thinking of ideas, typing them up, and making sure they were pristine before they went on the site. We’ve been building up inventory on there for a while, waiting for the green light to publish. Now that we’ve got the ok, we’re ready to show you what we’ve spent an entire semester working on.

Speaking of the “we” that I keep mentioning. None of this would be possible if it weren’t for the amazing writers we have in first period who’ve put their time and effort into making this issue of the Five Star Journal the best issue we’ve ever made. Pumping out quality content, ensuring that we get the articles out on time (we tried), and making sure they’re as good as they can be. Without them, none of this would exist. Without them, I wouldn’t be writing this article and fulfilling one of my dreams for the paper. So I would like to personally thank all 26 of you for doing everything you’ve done for the Five Star Journal, your contributions to the paper have gotten us to the point where your voice can be heard, and your articles will be read. I’m proud of all of you and the work you’ve done. We owe the success of our paper, and I owe one of my dreams, to you. So if you see any of our writers in the hall, give them a shout!

At the end of the day, we did this for you, the students. We want you to be entertained by all the articles we have lined up for you. So read the damn thing! Laugh at some articles, question others, and enjoy the fact that this will probably take up a decent amount of class time so you can do less work! Most of all, just enjoy the experience because again, this paper isn’t for me, it’s not for us to look at and say “hey, we’re good”. It’s for you, to look at this beautiful paper we’ve created, and say “hey, they’re good”.



Raul Jimenez: On another level

“I trust the work I put in.”- Raul Jimenez

Maria Huante & Angela Torresin
Five Star Journal

Of course many of you will know of our proud Cadet Raul Jimenez the wrestler. As a freshman he won only 3 matches, his first year of wrestling. His sophomore year was a rough ride as well. Junior year he stepped up and placed 2nd at districts, 3rd at regionals, and 6th at state. Today he has come a long way; now ranked top 3 in the state with a record of 29-2 so far, Raul’s dominating the competition. From playing the trombone for 5 years in band, to making wrestlers run away from his weight class (170), Raul is unstoppable his senior year. From laying down the law at some of the nail biting tournaments to eating a giant pizza, which by the way he says in a joking way is one of his greatest accomplishments. Raul’s taking it to the next level.

His hard work and dedication has really paid off. Jimenez didn’t take any time off after state last year. He wrestled freestyle in the spring; he traveled with a few buddies and his coach Dobbie all over the state picking up tournaments. During the summer he attended several wrestling camps; Toppenish Hi Technique Camp, The Redneck Camp and Cashmere Camp. His favorite camp of them all was the Cashmere Camp; there he was able to camp outside for three days with his teammates and many other wrestlers. His coaches made the camp a blast for him and all the mat time he got was a great experience. This definitely got him ready for his senior season. Going on to be seeded 1st in the league headed into Districts this weekend and placed 1st at the Inland Empire, 1st at the Cadet Classic, 1st at the Auburn Riverside! One of his 2 loses came by placing 2nd at the Westburg tournament in Ellensburg losing by only a takedown in the final seconds to a close friend and workout partner from Selah.

Inland Empire is one of the most hard-nosed challenging tournaments that a Washington wrestler can face. Raul went in with the attitude of a champ and he dominated bringing home 1st place. The Cadet Classic, even though it is our very own tournament, hasn’t been won by any Eisenhower wrestler since 2006 and the previous win in 2001. Raul saw this as a challenge, went to the tournament by beating 3 ranked kids at 182 lbs. The Auburn Riverside was an opportunity to see the West side of the state and the Westburg tournament may have been the most competitive of the season having to beat a state finalist to even make it to the finals, but Raul went in and showed that he belonged.

His days follow a precise schedule, starting off with a 5 AM workout at Volution Fitness, school; trying to be the best student he can be, practice with 100% Effort every day in the wrestling room and ends his day with a nice occupation at Express Mart. Most of Raul’s free time is spent in the gym working out, “I prefer to be busy than bored or lazy at home, I sometimes think it’s funny when people tell me that they are tired.”

Raul’s achievements are all dedicated to his coaches; Dobbie, Cardenas, Paco, and Suenishi because they’ve helped him put in all his effort. The achievement that he is most proud of outside the wrestling room is his Westside Pizza Challenge. A challenge where you have to eat an entire pizza that is in our perspective one of the biggest pizzas ever, in a certain amount of time. Being full for the next 3 days was his punishment for this great achievement.

Raul’s Dream College is the University of Illinois because they have a phenomenal wrestling program but Boise State would be closer to home. If he were to wrestle in college he would like to attend Highline College or YVCC for his 2 year degree before looking to transfer to a University like North Idaho. The thought of joining the marines has crossed his mind but he would love to continue competing in wrestling if possible. Just like any other undecided high school senior, he doesn’t know exactly what path he wants to take.

Raul will go on to do freestyle this spring for the Yakima Cadet Club to help out his coach with the young guys coming up and take advantage of his last opportunity to wrestle in high school. He believes he has a good shot at the freestyle state tournament to qualify for Fargo; a National tournament hosted in North Dakota. With the season coming to a close, Raul is hoping to step up higher on the podium. He wants to make history at Eisenhower. We haven’t had a state champ since the previous wrestler Gabriel Ramos back in 2001. If you see him in the halls wish him luck and know that he will give it his all.

Nav has Arrived

Angelo Perez
Five Star Journal

As 2017 starts Nav, Toronto’s new artist, is a rising star and is still unknown to most. With Nav’s songs all getting over a million plays his background and who he is involved with in the music company is still unknown. For a complete year he has been releasing his own singles and creating his own beats. A lot of people are trying to figure out how he has got to the light without releasing a lot about himself to the public.

Nav has made it clear and proud that he is a member of the Rexdale Community. It’s possible that Nav is from Indian decent because Nav can be short for names of Indian Origin. Also Rexdale is said to have a big Indian community. He has placed 7 songs on soundcloud and all 7 are at over 2 million plays. He has close to 90,000 followers on Soundcloud and over 30 million plays all together. Nav has got co-signs from Post Malone, Kylie Jenner, Ovo Sound Radio, and The Weekend’s manager Cash.

Nav recently posted a picture of him a Lowlife 4 life hoodie. People started looking deeper into the hoodies name and brand. Which people then found out it was the Weekend’s manager Cash’s clothing brand. Plenty of people are assuming Nav is a member of XO. In one of his latest tracks “Up” one of the lines goes “Cash found me I got cash now” Is he referring to Weekend’s manager in this line? Another clue adding to us thinking Nav is a member of XO is because on Cash’s Twitter he only shares members of XO’s music such as Belly, The Weekend, Derek Wise, and now he has shared Nav’s music. Still uncertain on A lot about Nav who he is affiliated with or his own background.

As Nav slowly climbs the charts and becomes one of the hottest artists. People are still trying to figure out what group he is associated with. Hopefully as he drops more music he gives more about himself throughout and lets his fans in on his life and music associates.