One Day We May All Wear Computers

Ivan Gonzalez
Five Star Journal


Chemical engineers in the University of Pittsburgh have created a working concept of a gel-like material that can be used as a “computer”. This gel has the capabilities of detecting movement that can generate electrical voltage. Using this method, they can be transferred through other units of this material that brings scientists closer to computers that we can “wear” and interact with. Scientists are trying to move away from large rigid electronics and move towards a softer more flexible material that can track our heart rates, log miles, or even gauge changes in our behavior. While being part of the material itself.

For now, scientists want to use this material for medical purposes such as making a shoe to detect whether the user’s walking has changed which could be an early sign of Alzheimer’s (Yes that is a thing). There have also been ideas of using the gel as a skin for a robotic arm or similar object. This “skin” will be able to sense different patterns of touch and can be one step closer to letting a computer “feel” objects.

The material’s oscillations (mechanical movement) generate a voltage that, when wired to other units, can allow them to communicate and create networks called “Oscillator-based computers”. Scientists created three networks and encoded patterns on a screen representing pixilated numbers of one, two and three and assigned different units of voltage (+1 or -1). They then moved the cloth units in patterns to issue a command. Say, distort the number one. The networks would gradually synchronize their oscillation movement and produce the distorted number one on the screen. Using these methods of assigning certain units to different voltages, the system operate more like a human brain rather than usual computers. We will have clothing that will tell the wearer if they have swelling from an injury or are having a fever.

With the rate this technology is advancing, one day we may have our clothes change color depending on our mood. Will we be unable to hide our emotions in the near future? Will this technology also show other personal information we are unaware of that are giving off? Will our future have less individual personality than we do now? Whatever happens, our lives will be very different soon.

Ike Girls Soccer Push Back!

Maria Huante
Five Star Journal


The Eisenhower soccer girls have been putting in dedication for this upcoming season. This past Thursday, September 8th 2016, the Ike soccer girls took the game to East Valley soccer. The Ike soccer girls had their game faces on as they prepared to face off with the East Valley girls. The Junior Varsity squad played their game at 4 pm and ended the game with a sweat, blood, and tears (not pointing fingers*east valley*.) The final score for the end of their last pre-season game was a 2-2 tie. Heads held high and spirits even higher, the JV team walked off the field and waited in the stands to cheer on their Varsity squad.

The anticipation for the varsity game to begin was excruciating! Everybody was filling the East Valley and Eisenhower stands. Family and friends came out loud and proud to cheer on their favorite players. The Ike girls went into the game ready for action, ready to destroy the field and their opponents.
Finally the game began and the players played safe at first until a goal is put in by East Valley. The game starts to get a bit rough, a little occasional pushing and shoving here and there. A second goal is put in by East Valley. The game intensifies and Ike puts in 2 powerful goals on some great plays by our players.
All of a sudden a sad blow to Ike occurs, mid fielder Maddie P. (a.k.a Mighty Mouse) was sandwiched between two East valley girls (a dirty move on their part). The East Valley girls tried the same move on two other players as well; Maddie L (Big Maddie) and the (Magnificent) Martha Vargas.

The game started to get even more rough, but the minute’s ticked down and it was the end of the first half, the score 3 East Valley 2 Ike.
The second half had begun and the air was charged with electricity and aggravation. The game was getting as rough as a street brawl and the stands were getting louder than ever. The entire stadium was on the edge of their seats anticipating what was going to happen next. The game consisted of rough housing yelling from the stands and the refs whistle blowing left and right. We also included some screaming from the coaches and yells from both schools crowds.
We played a hard and rough game, giving it our all we sadly lost 4-3 against East Valley. We will try harder for our next game and we will put in work for our IKE VS DAVIS game, with the help from our coaches, and support from our friends and family.

Supernatural: New Season!

Kayla Day-Reid
Five Star Journal

The new Supernatural season is here and fans everywhere are going crazy. The Supernatural fandom was shocked when season 11 ended with a cliffhanger that can potentially change everything. The wait is over as the first episode for season 12 will be aired on October 13, 2016 at 8:00 p.m. on the CW. Now that we know what’s going on, lets recap on what Supernatural is.
Supernatural is a show where two brothers (Dean and Sam) go around the world to save people and hunting things; it’s the family business. It’s not hunting elk or anything. Instead the game is vampires, wolfs, ghosts, demons, and even unnamed creatures that haven’t been discovered yet. This is a family that gets torn apart over and over again as these creatures show up all over the world. New characters are introduced each season and so are some difficult situations that the family gets into. The boy’s mother (Mary Winchester) was murdered by the “yellow eyed demon” when Dean was a child and Sam was a small baby. It’s a tough life for the boys. They were born into the family business of hunting monsters by their father (John Winchester) who is tracking the yellow eyed demon to get revenge for killing his wife. Sam is the younger brother and Dean is the oldest brother who has been burdened with taking care of Sam his whole life along with hunting monsters. Catch up so you can see the new season.

If you haven’t finished season 11 you will be spoiled for content. Watch season 11 and come back to read the rest of the article. Read at your own risk.

On the last episode of season 11, Sam got shot while Dean was defeating the darkness. It was the battle of the death for Dean. Until the twist at the end as Dean and Sam’s mom is brought back from the dead. It was a heartbreaking moment as we see Dean crying and, in happiness, calling out for his mom. She hasn’t been in the boy’s life for 30 or more years and we’ve learned the hard feelings about this relationship and the huge gap that was left between the mother and sons. New and old characters will be present in this new season and it’s going to be extraordinary.

We all met John Winchester, the boy’s dad, right? What I want to know is what Mary Winchester’s reaction would be when she finds out her husband has been dead for years. The excitement is overwhelming as the writers and directors shared a small teaser at the San Diego Comic Con. It shows Dean with his mom. But where is Sam?

I feel like this season is going to be the best one. Some may say it’s bigger than God himself. It shows how much the family cares for each other even though they go through tough times. It shows how much Dean needed to be with his mom again just like the Darkness needed to be with her brother God. It’s definitely going to have new elements because it was always Sam and Dean and now they’re going to have their mom alongside them. So watch this horror/drama show and it will not disappoint you.

Hollywood Lost Creativity?

Ryan Kerslake
Five Star Journal

These past few years have been really good for the movie industry. They have been pumping a gigantic amount of money. There were many superhero movie reboots, spinoffs, sequels, prequels, and more book to film adaptations than I can shake a stick at. However, there was one thing starkly absent from the lineup; good original movies. There were a few excellent movies that slipped through the cracks like Super 8 and Inception, but in the tidal wave of same old same old, why is it so hard to come up with something new?

Most of this repetition actually has to do with you and me, the consumers. It’s no secret that in order to be successful you need to make money, and in the film industry that means a lot of dough. So instead of taking a chance with a new idea that could put them into debt if it’s a flop, they like to stick to tried and true methods. Guaranteed money makers, such as a sequel to last year’s box office hit or an adaptation of a list topping book, start to look very appealing with this line of thought. Like a child with picky taste buds, we only get to dine on the same movies over and over with a fresh set of paint on it, trying out the occasional new food, finding out that we kind of like that too.

Of course, it’s not all our fault. It is much easier to remake, continue, or branch off than it is to crank out something new. Which begs the question: Has Hollywood lost its creativity? In a sense, yes. Over the past few years movies in general have been getting more linear. Same twists and endings that have gotten the life beat out of them keep getting resuscitated over and over. I walk into a “new” movie and almost immediately feel a profound sense of déjà vu, not only because it was probably a story I already know, but because they used the same tropes yet again. Usually I can spot the end halfway through the movie which gives me a rather disappointing experience. We need a breath of fresh life into this age old industry to really spark a new renaissance of film making.

If we look into the past thirty to forty years we can see an absolute explosion of films in the seventies and eighties that were incredible. Star Wars, Alien, War Games, The Terminator, Predator, Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueler’s Day Off, Die Hard, Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Goonies, Ghost Busters, Back to the Future, Blade Runner, Top Gun, Beetlejuice, and more. The list goes on and on of these fantastic pieces of art, and all of these titles came straight out of the minds of the directors and crew. Since then the effort that it takes to make something new has increased because of the amazing movies that have come out before. Instead of trying out something new, why not just remake a fan-favorite that’s certain to make a boatload of money?
Don’t take my word for it however; our own students share the same ideas. “I feel like movies nowadays are wannabees and try-hards and they’re trying to copy other plots, basically I feel like the directors are trying to make lots of money by putting out stupid movies.” says Sierra Hutton, a 16 year old junior. Gabii Reyes, 18, Senior also stated: “Nothing is really original anymore. Every idea is basically the same for every movie that comes out.” Isabella Parker, 15, sophomore added: “I think that most of it is based off books and comics or other movies so the themes are repeated so there are just long lines of the same movie.”

Overall, movies are a two-way street. We buy what we want and companies produce more of what we want. If we keep on giving money to the same things, we will only get the same things. In order to really get change, we need to support the original movies that come out every once in a while. The term, “a diamond in the rough” comes to mind when this topic is brought up. Sure, the surrounding area may look barren and devoid of beauty, (Sharknado) there will be some beautiful findings (Kubo and the Two Strings). Don’t be afraid to watch a movie that you know nothing about. Only through ourselves can we incite the change we want.